The Glenn Mohr Chorale is the Choir without a Church.


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EVERYDAY MIRACLES- The Best of The Glenn Mohr Chorale.


Best of Glenn Mohr Chorale

I would like to thank the communities of faith who have invited us into their churches to present our original productions to their parishoners, making our 25th season our most successful and fulfilling ever!

The Glenn Mohr Chorale is a group of singers and actors who, through the years, have become a family… united in faith and friendship.  We have dedicated ourselves to bringing our music and productions to churches from Brooklyn to Boston, the great Basilica’s of Rome, where we met and performed for Blessed John Paul II and finally to the stage of Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall.  It has been our mission to “touch hearts and celebrate spirit” by bringing the great stories of our faith to life in prayerful, spiritually uplifting and yes, entertaining ways. We hope that you will enjoy these personal favorites and most requested songs from our repertoire.  They are songs we never tire of singing.  We have lived them and taken them to heart.  We hope you will too.

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Everyday Miracles: Recently released and now available at performances

The documentary, Everyday Miracles, is the true story of the choir with no Church, America’s Catholic Storytellers, The Glenn Mohr Chorale. For over 25 years, the Chorale has been “touching hearts” and “celebrating spirit” in countless churches and stages in the United States and Europe.

Through their original musical productions, the Chorale has become widely known and appreciated. In the early days, neither director Glenn Mohr nor any of the chorale members could have predicted the many twists and turns in the road they would experience together. But the faith and firm belief in their mission has led to a unique musical identity, lifelong friendships and all the joys and sorrow life can bring to any family.

Through interview and archival footage, we witness this dedicated group of singers from their earliest performances to the surprising journey which led them to the great Basilica’s of Rome, a life changing encounter with Pope John Paul II and a sold out performance at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall. But this is not the whole story. In order to really know the Chorale, you must hear and understand their music, their unique voice, and so we have included “The Very Best of The Glenn Mohr Chorale”. For it is only through the inspiring renditions of Glenn Mohr’s compositions that the true heart and soul of the Chorale is revealed. In gratitude we thank you for watching our story and listening to our music. Now the story is complete.