A Chorale by definition is described as “a group of singers specializing in singing Church music”, but for the Glenn Mohr Chorale there is so much more. Since their beginning over 25 years ago, Glenn and the group have continually tried to expand this definition. Through the artful blending of scripture, drama and song, they have created a repertoire of 9 original presentations for which they have become widely known. Their musical journey has brought them from the simple chapel of a senior citizen’s home to the basilicas of Rome and the stage of Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall.

Spiritually uplifting, thought provoking and yet still entertaining, the great stories of our faith are realistically and dramatically brought to life.

“Jeanne Jugan, The Hidden Heart” is the deeply moving presentation based on the life of Jeanne Jugan. As Foundress of The Little Sisters of the Poor, Jeanne was honored by her country, France, witnessed the miraculous growth of her community, and saw the spread of her houses for the poor throughout the world. Yet, she died forgotten and in obscurity. Jeanne Jugan was canonized Saint on October 11, 2009. The Hidden Heart premiered at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, November 7, 2009.
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Out of the darkness comes the light of Blessed Hope. This moving and popular production encourages us to step away from the stress and anxiety we all experience in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. As we take time to reflect, the true meaning of the season is brought to life through the prophetic words of Isaiah, John the Baptist appears and confronts us in today’s modern world and finally 2 Christmas shoppers and a homeless man’s world’s collide on 5th Avenue on Christmas Eve.

Original music includes “Within My Heart I’ll Know”, “Something Tells Me He Is Near” and the title song, “Blessed Hope”.

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Christmas in Heaven is a bit of a departure since it is a musical comedy with a strong and meaningful Christmas message. Four very different Guardian Angels, Tobias, Sylvester, Sgt. Margaret and Annabelle are perplexed by how the “mortals” react and experience a contemporary Christmas. Light-hearted and family-oriented, you will never forget these lovable heavenly characters as they guide their charges on earth.

Original songs include “Everybody has a Guardian Angel”, “Christmas in Heaven” along with familiar, traditional carols which can be found on the recording “A Star Still Shines”.


They did everything by The Book. But as audiences cheered, the acknowledgement they so desperately wanted never came … except for a group of little sisters and a Saint named Jeanne. This is a film about a renegade choir and their 20 year struggle to be heard.

The stable is empty, the three Kings have left for their homeland, but…”Did You See the Star?” Samuel the Gatekeeper, King Herod, Melchior the Wiseman and the Innkeepers Wife, all relate their life-changing experiences when they each encounter a husband, wife and newborn child. Traditional carols, and original songs, “The Days after Christmas”, “A Wiseman’s Carol”, and “The Window Carol” complete this production. A perfect way to conclude this joyous season. Many of the songs from this production can be found on “A Star Still Shines”.

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“Deeply moving yet finally triumphant” was the first written of the repertoire. The days before and leading to the Crucifixion are brought to life through the characters of Pontius Pilate, Joseph of Arimathea, Dismas the Good Thief, Veronica and Judas Iscariot.

Perhaps our most popular presentation, the chorale has performed this production in dozens of parishes in the tri-state area. The emotional heartfelt reactions by the congregations continue to make this performance a favorite of the Chorale. Some of the Chorales signature songs like “Even from the Cross” and “No Greater Love” are included and can be found on the recording “City on the Hill”.

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After the death of Jesus, the grieving apostles are confused when they are told at the empty tomb, “He is not here, Go to Galilee”. As this Easter production unfolds we observe the personalities and disagreements between the disciples on how to continue their mission now that their beloved leader is gone. Each apostle must realize they will face danger and perhaps their own cross if they accept His call to “go and teach all nations”. Songs from this presentation can also be found on the recording “City on the Hill”.

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What could 2 sisters, a blind man and an archbishop have in common? Explore with us the lives of these ordinary people, including Teresa of Avila, Maximillian Kolbe, Thea Bowman and others. Despite danger and their own human frailties, they chose to walk in the footsteps of Christ. As role models they inspire us to join them one day as we too take our place within the Communion of Saints. The title track of our recording “City on the Hill” triumphantly concludes this presentation.

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Undimmed by the passage of time, Mary’s memory of the events of her life is shared with Luke while he captures her inner wisdom and strength on canvas. Hear her story as she recalls her experiences at the side of her Son. She shares her joys and sorrows secure in the knowledge that she is a vessel of God’s will. A recording of this production will be available soon.

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“Amazing Grace”, “Softly & Tenderly”, and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, are just a few of the songs that have become part of the sound track of our lives. Each one memorable, each one deeply spiritual, each one part of the unique American Songbook.
The Glenn Mohr Chorale is pleased to present “Deep River” – a program of hymns and songs from America’s heart.
Through drama and song, we will trace the history and the stories of the people who brought these classics to life. You will meet Will Thompson, “the millionaire songwriter”, John Newton, whose life was changed by a storm at sea, and Julia Ward Howe, who on a trip to Washington, wrote one of the most stirring of all American songs.

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